Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things are moving!

The weather is right and 'volunteers' appear out of the woodwork!  With the help of Dave and John, the lower wings have been covered, 'rand-o-proofed' and taped ready for stitching this coming Sunday, when yet more volunteers are expected.
Looks like we might just have it completed (if not airworthy) by August in time for the commemoration of the start of that beastly war that was supposed to be the end of all wars. 
Guess humankind being what it is that will never happen.
But at least we can try to educate some of mankind into what it might just have been like for those young men who took to the skies in an attempt to bring that about.  And yes, we will enjoy seeing this take to the skies as well!
At a recent fly-in we had a Nieuport 24 drop in on us -which none of us knew about!

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