Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good things take time... our cheese advert tells us.  Now we can see Rex doing a trial offering up of both upper and lower right wings.  The exercise was to determine just how much we have to pack up the upper wing rear support and whittle down the upper wing forward struts.  As well as doing some measurements here and there.  So if you ask me whether it will be ready in time for the Airshow, I will say: "Yes" (just not which one....!)
It has been glorious flying weather lately -the only trouble being that I haven't been taking advantage of it lately as my sciatic nerve has decided to play 'bobbsy-die' and I'm still trying to get the damn thing under control. But under control it will be!!!  I might have to have a knee operation as well as the old one is starting to get a tad creaky and Graham was telling me that getting in and out of his Nieuport 11 is starting to be a bit of a trial.  Younger, lithe legs are called for! The knee will do for a start....

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