Thursday, May 24, 2012

The slow march of progress

Almost a month since the last post and what do we have to show for it? A cowling, for a start; one finished top wing (wood only); and a start at covering the ailerons. There is an ad here about cheese: "All good things take time". Not that cheese features anywhere in the construction of course -unless you count lunches in that bracket!

So here is the cowling, well the start of the process anyway.  This was merely to get an idea of just how much needed to be cut off the full round and where it needed to be aligned with the fuselage to get the right curves (not necessarily those belonging to our two 'ladies').

Here is Dan Frew, our welder extraordinaire, putting it in place after some more surgery.  Unfortunately because the Rotec has a deeper depth than the Gnome rotary, the cowling has to be longer than the original.  Which tends to make it look a bit like the FW190 D series compared with the A series.  However perhaps some judicious paintwork may help to disguise it just a tiny bit.  Why the comparison with a FW190? Well, it just so happens that sitting in an adjacent hangar is a FW190 A series........

A companion aircraft in the form of a Sopwith Pup took to the air for the first time last week so the Omaka WW1 fleet is starting to grow.  It is also an impetus to make sure we don't slack off during the winter months!

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