Thursday, December 2, 2010


As some ancient Greek is reported to have exclaimed.  I think I've mastered the sound system - or at least that part that I was messing around with.  There's still another area where I think the guy who did the installation has buried a mini mp3 player somewhere untraceable in the complex.  Still it's not doing any harm so I guess we can live with it.  We continue to get overseas visitors coming through, some old, some young -in fact we had a young Swedish couple come through who spent about two and a half hours going through the AHC.  So it's heartening that the younger people are showing an interest in what their Great Grandfathers and Uncles got up to in that conflict.

We've now had some new engine brackets manufactured for us in which we will have to drill the appropriate mounting holes.  So we can't blame anyone else if it goes wrong.  This will definitely NOT be a one man job! Then we can take a look at mounting the engine and finding out where all extras need to be fittted and what extra piping is needed to connect the oil and petrol tanks to the appropriate orifices.

We've also had some holes drilled in the brake mounting plates so we can now look towards how we are going to mount  and run the Bowden cables.  One more piece of welding to be done for the battery and we'll be that much closer to the next step of covering the fuselage, while Rex progresses with the wings.

The weather is decided warmer which means we can work with the hangar doors open, the downside being that at this time of year we get rather strong Nor'westers blowing so maybe the doors won't be fully opened. The other downside is that flying the Tecnam in a Nor'wester isn't much fun so I'm going to have to be careful about the time of day I go up.  And I also need to get some time in on a 'tail dragger' in preparation for the day when I can emulate those young men in WW1.  At least in the flying bit - physically I don't stand a chance being somewhat rounder and heavier than them.  Mind you, the face (if it was a bit thinner) with all its wrinkles might perhaps match some of the older ones who managed to survive a few months at the Front....

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