Sunday, July 18, 2010

Early Christmas -and more lessons learnt!

First off I have to apologise to Brian for not using quotation marks around "little" in the last episode when talking about his engineering experience. (Lesson #1).

Early Christmas?  The engines have arrived (that's in the plural 'cos Graham's N11 needed one, too).  We were planning an opening ceremony but somehow that didn't happen.  Graham had got a tad impatient or maybe HM Customs were interested) and had had a go at opening the top of the wooden packing case.  So naturally Brian and I followed suit, attacking the top with crowbars and complaining about the wood that kept splintering.  Having finally succeeded in getting the top off we then had to attack the sides in order to get at the engine mount we'd had made for us.  At this point, we then discovered that there were some 4 screws attaching the whole housing to the bottom plate which, on removing, made it dead easy to lift the lot off in one piece (lesson #2 which goes for our mentor/HM Customs and engineering expert as well as me.......).

And what beautiful engines  they are, too! Graham had also decided to line up his N11 fuselage alongside ours.  The difference between the two is that he is still disassembling the entire aircraft while we are building ours up.  But at least you'll get an idea of what the "dressed" fuselage and tail pieces will look like.  Although not necessarily in that colour scheme.......

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