Saturday, January 23, 2010

The first thought

What the hell have I got myself into now??

I have long held a dream to fly and after quite a few decades that dream is slowly being realised. On top of that I have become involved with a syndicate to build a replica Nieuport 16 to microlight standards. "Why?" you may well ask! To try to get a feel for what our grandfathers (perhaps I need to add Great-, if not, Great, great-grandfathers to that) went through in that supposed "War to end all Wars". Which just goes to show that Man just will not learn. And as a by-product of that to give other people a similar feel, albeit from the ground. Only time will tell how successful I'll be in all three ventures (the third one being how I get on with this strange thing called 'blogging').

So this is the start of the jigsaw.............

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